Terms of services
Agreement between you who are a member of and Webonized Inc.

In order to become a member of, you have to agree to the conditions listed below. The purpose of the agreement is primarily to create a comfortable atmosphere på

1. Rules to be followed for you as a member.
First off, as a member you cannot of course violate any law in the country where you live. The laws listed below could be regarded as more important than the others. Read in the lawbooks for more info:


You are responsible for adhering to the laws in the country where you live. If we catch anyone misbehaving, we reserve the right to erase that user account, and in some cases also file a report with the police about the incident. The punishment could vary, but the most usual consequences would be fines or prison. All material at belongs to Webonized Inc., everything is copyright-protected, which means that you cannot use this material for any other purpose.

Nor are you as a user permitted to...

...provide erroneous information in your user-info, your memberpage must be personal. You must not pass yourself off as another person during your visits at, we might without previous warning erase such a user. Nor may you copy or use the user-info which belongs to someone else, or use it for another purpose.

...spread propaganda in for instance guest books, diaries, email, etc.

...upload copyrights-protected, pornographic or virus-infected files to our server.

...try to force entry into the servers of, all such things will be immediately reported to the police.

...use for commercial purposes, such as for instance forward a message.

...misuse all those functions which are offered by You should use all these functions the way they were intended to be used. If you don´t know how to use a certain function, then contact us at, or go to "help" in the menu, once you are logged in.

...send so-called "chain letters".

...upload a picture which is not of you. Before you upload a picture, please read our rules for pictures, which you can find on the "upload a picture"-page, once you are logged in.

... having conversations of a sexual nature / allusions on It is not allowed to make pornography or sex-related statements on Sex-related words is captured by the sites wordfilter, and we take these precautions for the sake of our younger members, to make sure no-one finds words on the site offensive. It is not allowed to use to seek sexual contacts. All involved accounts are going to be deleted.

... as older/adult having conversations of a sexual nature with minors on We decide what counts as "sexual nature" and this can´t be appealed. All involved accounts are deleted and reported to the police.

... give out your password to anyone.

... use specially developed applications, scripts or bots to visit, alter functionality or make automatic calls to servers. All involved accounts are deleted.

2. Rights that you give us at Webonized Inc.
We reserve the right to scrutinise everything which get published at Everything which you as users indicate as open information for other members (guest book messages, the scribble board, votings, diaries which have not been classed as secret) we can forward for commersial purposes without previous warning. We have the right to send out the newsletter of to your email address once a month. We can without prior notice erase users who misbehave.

3. Rules which Webonized Inc. will adhere to.
Webonized Inc. will never forward the information which you provide in your user-info. Nor will we ever forward any passwords; you are solely responsible for the safekeeping of your password. We never distribute direct advertising to youths younger than 16 years of age. Webonized Inc. will always adhere to the law of personal information, in order to protect your integrity. In order to keep free from transgressions, personal attacs or threats, the employees of Webonized Inc. maintain full control over everything which gets published by you the users, in order for reports to get properly treated. When a user wins a prize (competition of the month) where the prize money is in excess of SEK 100, we will report this to the local Internal Revenue Service. The winner will, at the end of the year, have to pay tax for all his/hers incomes, including the value of the prize.

4. The Challenge
In the Challenge, you gamble about so-called horse pennies. Note that these "horse pennies" are fictouos money which can only be used for virtual services at Thus, "horse pennies" has no real, material value.

5. Gold Member
You who send a SMS in order to activate a so-called "Gold membership" must be above 18 years of age or have the consent of your guardian. We, Webonized Inc. reserve the right to at any time discontinue this service. If should not function satisfactorily or be fully out of service during the period of a Gold membership, we will NOT accept to refund any money. No calls or messages will be paid for.

6. Sales of virtual services for real money
As a member you are not allowed to use to sell virtual services for real money.

7. Other things
We, who work with, have set the goal that all members should follow the agreement which has been set out above. If you do not approve of this agreement, you cannot become a member of It should also be added that should any user in any way suffer injury or become psychically ill by reason of the use of, we will completely take exception to this and disavow any responsibility. The agreement could be altered without prior notice, and because of this, we would ask you to, every now and then, go to "" in the menu when logged in, and read the agreement. If any parts of the agreement should not be clear, then contact us at is a meeting place for horse-interested persons, and we, Webonized Inc., reserve the right to, without prior notice, remove any user who in any way causes disturbances at

We hope that you will like it here at